Red tuna






Uramakis (8 pieces)

Spicy tuna

Cream cheese, cucumber, mango, wasabi tobiko & tartare of tuna



Salmon, cream cheese, avocado & sesame


Salmon, cream cheese, asparagus, foie gras flamed unagi



Surimi, avocado & cream cheese. Recover of tempura prawn & yellow pepper mayonnaise


Nigiris (2 pieces)

Traditional salmon


Flamed salmon with lime cream


Traditional tuna


Tuna with foie gras & truffle teriyaki sauce




White fish


Natural wasabi



Seaweed salad with pickles and sesame sauce


To start

Edamame with truffle and teriyaki


Sauce fried prawns with kinchi cream


Sauce guacamole with fried totopos


Saté chicken skewers


Tacos (2 units)

Taco azul al pastor

Marinated pork, chili, coriander & pineapple


Taco de cochinita pilbil

Crumbed pork & 6h cooked in sauce, xnipec onion


Blue taco of wagyu with mole

Sauteed A5 Wagyu with green tomatoes, mole


Taco of spicy prawn

Sauteed tempura prawns, Monterey cheese, Wow spicy sauce


Taco acevichado

Marinated white fish in fruit passion tiger milk with pickled onion


Quesadillas (2 units)

Homemade corn tortilla taco

Cheese quesadilla

Grilled Tortilla with Idiazabal cheese, confit boletus, Cherry & summer truffle

Chicken quesadilla

Chicken with Achiot & cheese



Octopus burrito

Sauteed octopus with vegetables, garlic and almond cream sauce


Nikkei chicken burrito

Nikkei chicken with avocado & cream cheese


Vegano burrito by Beyond meat

Sweet potato, red pepper, cashews, tofu and coriander



Chipitle cream
Mimchi mayo
Green tomatoes


Tiradito of tuna

Marinated fines slices of belly tuna in “citrus tiger milk”, sesame & avocado


Ceviche of butterfish

Butterfish dice in yellow pepper oil, coriander & purple onion


Red tuna salpicon

Mexican style Guacamole with spiced red tuna tartare


Grilled black bao

Soft-shell crab with sea salad & kimchi cream sauce



Wagyu beef with spring onion and Jalapeño sauce


Homemade dim sum

Suckling pig with prawn and teriyaki sauce


Mexican uramaki

Marinated chicken, avocado cream, cheddar sauce & purple totopo (8 units)


Homemade cake

Mascarpone cheese, chocolate and matcha tea


Mochis (2 units)

Rice balls filled with ice cream of your choice


Caramelized millefeuille stuffed with spicy chocolate mousse and almond sauce


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