We open on July 4th

Here comes umawa 2.0. the new gastronomic experience that we have prepared for you at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. Our chef Alfonso Lillo has combined ancient culinary techniques from very different cultures to obtain the best flavours. Begin your experience tasting our Sushi-Bar proposal, continue with traditional Mexican recipes with its own unique touch and let yourself be carried away to the incredible dishes of Nikkei cuisine. And last but not least, you can’t miss the most exclusive cocktails and the most exquisite desserts.

“A reinterpretation of traditional cuisine with modern touches: creative, unpredictable, naughty dishes… and with lots and lots of flavour.

Discover our flavour's origins


Hi, I'm Kami from Kyoto. I enjoy serving umawa customers and preparing Japanese cuisine. I'm a very polite, friendly geisha and a good hostess... except when there's no sushi left for me!


Hi, I'm Rey Mawi, from Tijuana. Legend has it that I have never lost a fight and that I celebrate all my victories by eating tacos until I can't eat anymore. Where do I eat them? At umawa, of course.


Hi, I'm Kuzki, from Cuzco. A wise shaman in my homeland, one day I decided to travel around the world showcasing the best recipes of Peruvian cuisine. On that trip, I fell in love with Japan, so a new idea of cuisine was born: umawa's nikkei concept.

umawa is located in the Club House of Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. Located south of Alicante, in a valley of great natural beauty between hills very close to the coast. The complex is articulated around one of the best golf courses in Europe and houses an outstanding gastronomic offer, facilities for the practice of tennis and paddle tennis and WOW Beach Club on the beachfront. It also includes a high-quality real estate offer with apartments and villas for sale that has earned it recognition as “Spain’s Leading Villa Resort” and “Europe’s Leading Villa Resort” World Travel Awards 2022.